With Bytebase, you can jump into a meeting note in one keystroke and set yourself up for success later.

Zoom Meeting

It’s been a lot of zoom meetings this past year and the way teams have adapted and thrived has been inspiring. But there’s a piece of the puzzle that just isn’t working that well. Zoom meeting notes.

When a zoom meeting starts, you need to start writing immediately. You grab whatever is most handy — a paper notebook, Apple Notes, a plain text file on your computer — and just start writing.

Quick Notes Sublime

It makes sense to grab whatever is lowest friction. When a meeting starts, you want to be ready to listen and problem solve. It wouldn’t make sense to spend time styling notes when you can be giving your teammates your full attention.

The issue is that eventually these messy notes can catch up with us. It’s difficult to find the important action items from the past couple of days. Don’t even ask about the notes from a few months ago.

Quick Notes TextEdit

Bytebase turns these messy notes on their head. We get it it — when a meeting starts, you need to start writing immediately. That’s why in Bytebase, you can start a meeting note in one keystroke — q.

Quick Notes TextEdit

q creates a timestamped note and jumps you in so you can start getting notes down immediately.

Then, when you have a moment later, you can name your note (with the e shortcut).

And triage it into a meetings bucket for safe keeping and easy retrieval.

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The result is notes that you can find and a system that you can stick with overtime.

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Thanks for reading! Want to try out Bytebase for your zoom meetings? Email hello@bytebase with subject Zoom.